Botanical meets industrial – Nathalie Schmitz

Botanical meets industrial


Melt and Splash Festival


Redesign of the festival VIP area, 2017-19


Creative concept, marketing and execution


Idea, partnership and branding, scenography, on-site production


Ferropolis, Graefenhainichen


Tanqueray No. Ten repr. by Haebmau 

Visual Artist

Xaver Hirsch


Judith Epping


MWB-BerlinSchach zu Dritt, MoMo Productions

Both Melt and Splash Festival are held on two consecutive weekends every summer. They offer a platform for German and international artists alike to perform in front of the impressive backdrop of a former coal mine. In 2017, the organisers commissioned me to redesign the VIP tent. The main focus was to develop a concept to allow the festival to be continuously connected with a partner who would buy the licensing rights as the main sponsor. The project required careful coordination and orchestration of all the details, from the initial idea all the way to implementation and marketing. The cooperation between the two festivals and Tanqueray has since evolved into a long-term partnership. Fundamental to this unity is the design concept: the dynamics between the inside area where “Botanical meets industrial”. While an array of plants and herbs fills the VIP tent – not only paying homage to the “roots” of gin-making, but also emphasizing how nature is taking its place in the post industrial age – it is moreover a dynamic antidote to the “Ferropolis – the City of Iron” concept that defines the outside spaces.

In 2018 and 2019, the concept was expanded to the exterior of the festival tent and was continually enriched with new details and ideas.