Festival branding and interior design – Nathalie Schmitz

Festival branding and interior design


30th Anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution – Fall of the Wall, 2019


Creating the festival’s look and feel


Concept, interior branding and design, on-site production



Alexanderplatz, Brandenburg Gate, East Side Gallery, Gethsemanekirche, Schlossplatz, Kurfürstendamm, Stasi-headquarters


Hand Division


Judith Epping

I greatly enjoyed translating the festival’s corporate identity into a branding concept! Not only did the splashy colours capture the viewer’s attention and raise awareness throughout the city, they also served as a source of energy and joy during otherwise grey November days. The key to applying the predetermined design within the context of the week-long festival was for me to guide the event throughout all of the branding-relevant phases. Since the branding measures would be used in public spaces and for the event’s interior design, I had to establish a uniform look and feel for the campaign across Berlin, thereby uniting the decentralized festival grounds. This also defined the final appearance of the festival pavilions and info points. On the large-scale glass facades and pavilion skylights, the campaign’s colours and typography achieved a unique brilliance that visually communicated the event’s brand identity in a stunning, memorable way.