Fashionpalooza – Nathalie Schmitz



Relaunch of Fashionpalooza, 2017


Creative concept and execution



Idea, strategy, scenography, production management


Rennbahn Hoppegarten, Berlin


Judith Epping

Fashionpalooza is an experience-oriented space within the Lollapalooza Festival dedicated tofashion, beauty and lifestyle. In 2017, the organisers’ goal was to establish this platform as a permanent fixture in the festival line-up. The task was to develop a concept with a modern appearance and transforming the space into a welcoming and appealing location. Both the needs of exhibiting brands as well as visitors were considered when developing the scenography and staging the curatorial content, as this was a key component of the organizers’ briefing. My concept followed a strategic ideology that considered Fashionpalooza to be a point of reference to the world of fashion while at the same time creating a captivating environment. An inter-disciplinary team constructed three large-scale installations that lent themselves as both popular photo backdrops and preferred hang-out spots for visitors. The smart nearby allocation of the partner pop-up shops and various entertainment offers successfully brought participating brands together with the visiting crowd. The high acclaim of the initial Fashionpalooza 2017 testifies to the quality of the concept, which paved the way for further editions of the fashion event in the following years.