Beach house – Nathalie Schmitz

Beach house


Feel Festival


Partner integration, 2016


Initiator and project lead


Idea, concept and realisation


Bergheider See, Lichterfelde


Gauloises repr. by Rothkopf & Huberty


Tim Panzer

Motion Design

Jonas Fischer


Johannes Jacobi, Nathalie Schmitz

As one of my personal most beloved summer events, Feel Festival embodies the whimsical spirit of its pristine countryside setting. The stages and installations are built by hand on-location and are made almost entirely out of wood. To encourage attendees to get away from their everyday lives, reality remains outside. As does advertising. In summer 2016, Gauloises expressed interest in partnering with the festival, however a traditional branded sponsorship would have been at odds with the festival’s ethos. Inspired by the challenge of this conflict, I developed a concept for an alternative approach to festival sponsorship: a beach house that not only fit perfectly within the context of the festival itself but also served as a home for the partnering brand and a place for visitors to relax and engage with one another on the viewing deck. Not only has the initiative gotten the partnership off the ground, it also inspired me to launch a pilot project in the area of festival sponsoring.