The Art of Blending – Nathalie Schmitz

The Art of Blending




Invitation-only event, 2017


Project management and execution


Scenography, location, hospitality, on-site production


Club Charlie, Munich

Visual Artist

Xaver Hirsch


Tanja Huber

“The Art of Blending” was an invitation-only event hosted by Haebmau to highlight the production of Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch whiskies in a creative manner. To start the evening, guests enjoyed an extensive installation by visual artist Xaver Hirsch that was especially commissioned for the occasion and centred around the theme of “blending”. Interactively demonstrating the “blender’s craft”, participants were encouraged to mix different coloured liquids in a petri dish projector themselves, which in turn influenced the atmosphere in the room. Following this visual experiment, guests then learned from the master blender  about the parallels between the colourful displays in the event space and the flavour experiments that go into producing whisky – all while enjoying a glass of JWBB at the bar. Bringing the event to life for Haebmau involved not only participating in the artistic process, but also ensuring that the event space was suitably equipped for the complex creative requirements of the concept.