Book launch party – Nathalie Schmitz

Book launch party


Cee Cee Creative GmbH




Book launch party, 2016


Project management and execution


Partnerships, hospitality, on-site production


Hallesches Haus, Berlin


Maansi Jain

Cee Cee is a weekly e-mail newsletter featuring a multitude of recommendations and tips for Berlin, the surrounding area, and the rest of the world. Their top picks are also available as a print publication. Cee Cee Berlin No.2 was published in October 2016 and contains the best insider information for Berlin’s cultural and restaurant scenes from 2014 to 2016. For the book launch, the authors invited their readers and community to Hallesches Haus, a creative meeting spot in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighbourhood. The evening was to take the form of a potluck dinner, highlighting the restaurants, cafes and bistros featured in the book and allowing them to showcase their specialities. I was commissioned for the planning and orchestration of the book launch party, which turned out to be an eclectic and unforgettable evening thanks to the dedication of everyone involved.