berlin art week garden 2021 – Nathalie Schmitz

berlin art week garden 2021


Berlin Art Week ›BAW Garden 2021, a temporary outreach site


Spatial concept in liaison with Sol Calero


Consulting, developing and implementing 


Sol Calero




Aude Levère, Christopher Kline, Christoph Frenz, Dácil Granados, Dennie Lenz, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Jan Wasserfuhr, Jonas Fischer, Paolo Stolpmann, Philip Ottenottebrock, Rebeca Pérez Gerónimo, Victor Amé Navarro


Joe Clark


The Berlin Art Week is an annual cultural event fostering a shared art experience throughout the city. The festival comprises a wide range of events and exhibitions featuring key members of Berlin’s contemporary art community. For the 10th edition, BAW created its own outreach programme with a central event location, “the BAW Garten”, set up on the square in front of the KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art. I was given the task of overseeing the spatial concept of the temporary space in close collaboration with Venezuelan artist Sol Calero. Her three-dimensional open-air installations were designed to embody the BAW’s outreach programme in creative form and also function as the site of workshops, discussions, art and music performances. Calero’s sculptural pavilion “ISLA”was designed to effectively transfer its own open, inviting and integrative structure to the entire site itself. However, seeing as the sloping surface of the square in front of the museum couldn’t accommodate its dimensions, our solution was to level off the incline by means of a wooden structure resembling an inverted ramp. This wide horizontal support created an ideal spot for the pavilion and simultaneously came to embody the architectural theme of the garden. The platform took on a number of features, including lending structure to the space, creating static stability, providing space to hide cables and accommodating an electric lift for barrier-free access. We built a series of extra-wide steps, which led down towards the “garden” and served both as a seating opportunity as well as a link between the levels, thereby giving the garden its unique and welcoming atmosphere. Set up on this platform, the ISLA functioned in turn as a stage area and audience space, never giving the impression that it was disconnected from the actual events. On the contrary, by drawing on the artistic form and aesthetics of Calero’s work, all the components merged into a harmonic unity that expressed the overall concept of the BAW Garten and generated a wonderful outcome.