open-air exhibition – Nathalie Schmitz

open-air exhibition


Open Air Exhibition – “Knowledge City Berlin 2021”


Brand presentation, Look & feel


Consulting, Concept and implementation

Curatorial team

Die Exponauten





Noibau, Bartmann Berlin


In summer 2021, the square in front of Berlin’s Rotes Rathaus (City Hall) became the exciting setting of “Knowledge City Berlin”, an open-air exhibition focusing on the themes of ‘health’‚ ‘climate’ and ‘living together’. Conceived as a temporary meeting and event space, the exhibition marked the launch of a city-wide campaign that brought together all activities involved in the “Year of Science” under one visual and communicative roof. In order to draw a spatial link between the campaign and the location, I created a site-specific branding concept and developed the “look & feel” of accompanying events. In addition to implementing traditional corporate design on merchandise and signage, etc., my task was to carefully brand the exhibition in a way that kept the focus on the site’s intended purpose. In line with this premise, my concept subordinated the brand’s visibility to the exhibition’s overall design. The brand identity was directed outwards in a lilac color scheme at fixed positions on the site. All other components provided visitors with practical added value in terms of navigation, information, seating etc., and made it possible to convey the brand in a subtle manner within the overall context. Custom-made furniture was created; the entire surface of an adjacent construction fence was rebranded as a signpost; and the whole site was beautified via hundreds of plants provided in collaboration with Landgard. The result was a truly vibrant and welcoming setting that allowed the campaign to elegantly spotlight its role as host without pushing itself into the foreground.