Kultursommerfestival Berlin – Nathalie Schmitz

Kultursommerfestival Berlin


Creating the festival’s look and feel


CI Development, Spatial Design, Concept, Location Branding, Production


Experiences & Environment Design


90 Locations, 90 Days


Jonas Fischer, Floressenz, Fotoreklame, Frederik Grill, Lenz & Lorenz, Noibau, New WavePaul Stümpel


The focus in planning Berlin’s first-ever Kultursommerfestival was on the development of a strong visual identity and brand strategy. The main idea was to create cosy and comfortable spaces for open-air cultural experiences in a variety of different environments. The look & feel of the festival sought to appeal to as many people as possible while also being immediately recognisable at all 90 venues throughout the 90-day programme. In order to achieve this, we created a key visual in the form of a vibrant and accessible SWIRL that ultimately became the iconic theme of the campaign. The striking luminosity of the raspberry-red-and-white swirl created a positive summer vibe and confidently linked all events associated with the decentralised festival. This visually appealing motif generated a strong brilliancy on a variety of materials and objects, including signage, merchandise and seating, while at the same time reflecting the festival’s focus on providing colourful and inclusive environments. In turn, these multifaceted furnishings enabled us to create 90 unmistakable, oasis-like sites of summertime bliss in public spaces ranging from Tempelhof Airport, Kulturforum, Hamburger Bahnhof, to Holzmarkt or Revier Südost to name just a few.