Long Night Of The Museums – Nathalie Schmitz

Long Night Of The Museums


Long Night Of The Museums – Visitor Center


Creative Direction and Production


Concept, Space Planning, Branding and Furnishings


Altes Museum, Berlin-Mitte

For this year’s Long Night of Museums in Berlin, I took on the creative direction for the Visitor Center on Museum Island. Serving as a popular hub for those in need of tickets, information, or a snack, it traditionally marks the ceremonial opening of the long night. Over the past years, the center underwent several modifications. The goal was to instill a refreshed and sustainable spatial concept that remains relevant for future editions, emphasizing its role as a service and meeting point amidst the citywide event. Our recommendations included temporary street closures, a complete overhaul of existing facilities, and a new lighting concept. Moving away from office container ticket booths, our focus was on creating an approachable and interactive space, allowing a breath of fresh air to flow through Lustgarten. We utilized an Airstream caravan as a ticket booth and designed an open-sided info point, providing barrier-free access and warmly welcoming visitors with an inviting gesture.Along the sidewalk, food trucks were interspersed with signage and expansive seating platforms, all complemented by fresh plants and additional furnishings. Adhering strictly to Corporate Guidelines, the branding featured a red color palette and, where possible, a triangular shape, maintaining visual continuity with the traditional information steles of the Long Night.A notable highlight was the limited-edition selfie steles in Lustgarten, adorned with mirrors, serving as both landmarks and perfect photo opportunities. The theme “We are here” not only manifested in design but also in interactions with visitors, allowing them to share their participation in the event. This compelling project once again demonstrates that aesthetics and functionality can seamlessly coexist in large-scale events.